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Denali Series

  Shunyata Denali  

Designed to perfect the listening experience, the NEW DENALI Series power conditioners incorporate the absolute latest technologies from Shunyata Research.


Rogue Audio Pharaoh

  Rogue Audio  

Highly recommended !!


Constellation Audio Awards

  Constellation Audio Awards  

Editors’ Choice Awards from Issue #271 of TAS 01 Mar 2017


Constellation Audio Awards

  Constellation Audio Awards  

"Constellation Audio took what was already the highest resolution and most transparent solid-state electronics I've heard... and vaulted them to a new level of performance in the Series II."



  The Absolute Sound
Editors' Choice 2015  
Virgo II, Perseus, Centaur Stereo & Mono and the Inspiration Series STEREO 1.0, MONO 1.0 and PREAMP 1.0 have been awarded the Absolute Sound 2015 Editors' Choice award.



Constellation Audio


PREAMP 1.0 Line Stage


STEREO 1.0 Power Amplifier


MONO 1.0 Power Amplifier


Audio Reference Technology



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